About Us

Maximus Travels is your Melbourne, Australia based one stop shop for flights, tours, car rentals and accommodation worldwide. Since its inception, it has been driven by a pioneering spirit of conquest, the attitude that shaped the culture of Maximus Travels.

Our four values are Innovation, Performance, Trust and Respect.

Whether you want a custom trip, package trip or a dream holiday, Maximus Travels is your rightful choice of today. We value your preferences, opinion, time and individualism. We have our specialist staff to cater your travel needs, to tailor-make your dream holidays, to maximize your profitability in terms of time and budget.

Our regular communication via electronic media has been well-regarded in the wider community. We believe in giving you the best communication so that you can make the best use of your time, schedule and plan ahead.

Maximus Travels goes the extra miles to secure your experience with us being the best of the bests in Travel and Tourism.