Smart Travel Update, Jan 11
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Chile Exercise normal safety precautions 10 January 2019 On 4 January 2019, an explosion at a bus stop in Santiago injured five bystanders. Be aware of your surroundings, exercise caution when using public transport and report suspicious behaviour or unattended packages to local authorities. We haven’t changed the level – exercise normal safety precautions in […]


Smart Travel Update, Nov 5
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Ghana Exercise normal safety precautions 02 November 2018 This travel advice has been reviewed. The level of our advice has not changed. Exercise normal safety precautions in Ghana. Region: Bawku, Tamale municipality, Yendi District and Bimbilla area in northern Ghana High degree of caution   Brazil High degree of caution 02 November 2018 There’s an […]


Smart Travel Update, Nov 2
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Pakistan Reconsider your need to travel 01 November 2018 Political organisations are staging demonstrations across Pakistan following the verdict in a high-profile blasphemy case. Some are blocking roads between major cities. Avoid protests, which can turn violent with little warning. Monitor the media and other sources for news of planned or possible unrest (see Safety […]


Smart Travel Update, Oct 29
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Turkey High degree of caution 26 October 2018 Istanbul’s new airport is scheduled to open on 29 October 2018. Flights will be gradually transferred from Istanbul’s existing Ataturk airport until the end of December 2018, with flights operating into/out of both airports during the transition period. Flight delays and cancellations may occur and increased traffic […]


Smart Travel Update, Oct 24
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Myanmar High degree of caution 23 October 2018 Defaming, disturbing or threatening any person using a telecommunications network is illegal in Myanmar. Do not post negative comments on social media. The level of our travel advice has not changed. Exercise a high degree of caution in Myanmar overall. Higher and lower levels apply in some […]